Hi, I'm Meg. .
Queer, Cis female.
This is an R rated blog.
This blog is a huge mix of everything I love and all that is me including but not limited to my favorite tv shows, movies, fashion, feminism, music, my thoughts, my journal, poetry, comedy, and other random posts. I do have a list of tags, maybe check em out, you might find something you like.
Supernatural obsessed.
Multi-fandom blogger.
Not always 100% spoiler free.
Some social justice posts.
Body Positive blog.
If you need someone to talk to, I am here for you, but I do prefer you message me off anon so we can talk privately.
I'd appreciate it if you check out my Faq before sending me questions. <3
misha-collins-theoverlord asked: Speaking of lips, yours look pretty inviting as well (;


Oh how I yearn.