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Anonymous: "I will tell you that a white person with dreadlocs is a person who’s funeral I will not cry at" You have a friend with dreads you say? Wow, good friend. I'm just saying, you're taking the dreads too seriously. We need to embrace different cultures and some people having dreads is a small step in the right direction.

… you DO realize that quote is from an anoymous PoC, right? No me lol.

good reading comprehension, A+

Also. I’m white. I specifically asked for Black people and PoC’s personal opinions and outlooks on dreadlocks on white people. And the response I’ve received from white people, has been overwhelmingly ignorant, negative, arrogant, overly defensive, and just plain ridiculous.

000minimalism: It baffles me how white people don't understand the cultural significance to dreads and refuse to acknowledge that is doesn't belong to them. White people are NOT oppressed for adopting these traditions. White people wear henna, bindis & dreads for the fucking fashion and are not looked down upon by society. It's a "trend" or "high fashion". Why should they be able to wear it lightly when people are being killed & profiled for it? They need to have EVERYTHING & get pissed when you say otherwise.
spoopyjean: What are people's opinions on wool dreadlocks? Like the hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-braided in kind? I've seen it all over pinterest and think it's pretty, but I don't know the implications beyond that. I know actually putting your natural hair in dreadlocks as a white person would be widely considered as racist and I am not going to argue, but I'm curious about a different kind of style. I've asked on my own blog a while ago but no one ever got back to me.
Anonymous: Coming from a black person, my thing is like...I personally like dreads on everyone. People just assume that black people with dreads are assumed to have bad intentions, but white people with dreads is like "wow omg they must be such a free spirit" or whatever. Like if I see a white person with dreads I won't be bothered by it, I'm more bothered at how people would look at them like some hero or something.
Anonymous: i think everybody can wear his or her hair as they like. in the end it comes to stuff like "you can't wear french braids bacuse you aren't french". Also, there were found celts with dreads. and they had often blue eyes and blonde hair. so much about only xy people can have xy hair.



wow lol so not even comparable, go away if you’re not going to contribute an even remotely intelligent argument

Actually I think that is an intelligent approach. Dreads were common with the Celts and the Gaels, through out the majority of Britain and surrounding areas. There is also a way to trace it back to the Middle East as well. I think to dictate how any one wears their hair in the modern age is a continuation of a problem. If you constantly box people in then you’re going to end up with a problem. We are living in an age where people should be allowed to wear their hair however they want and dress however they want. I think the problem is not what people are doing but the fact that we tell these people not to do it instead of looking at the establishments that are deciding the differences and making it okay for one and not the other, and telling them they are wrong.

except that celtics never wore their hair in dreads, braids yes, not dreadlocks, that is a myth and often the only excuse white people use as to why they have claim to wear dreads even tho most average americans aren’t even celtic and if they are related to celtics, those relations date back a long time ago so you can stop pretending you’re wearing dreads to be “celtic”. Specially since celtics didn’t even wear dreads lol. it’s a myth perpetuated by white people…. even so, come on, most white people are not wearing dreads because it’s iconic of their “celtic” culture. they are wearing them as some kind of signature style to be progressive or hippie or eccentric or bohemian. It’s mostly a fad. I understand, there ARE white people who do dreads out of respect and appreciation to culture and sure there are white people wearing dreads in a clean and neat way, or are wearing them because of personal religious ideals. It’s the ones who are wearing it much like white women who don bindis because they think it’s cool and bohemian. It’s just disrespectful to a lot of PoC and I don’t think it’s wrong for them to express their feelings of being offended or annoyed by this constant need for a lot of white people to use a hairstyle that is culturally significant in many ways to PoC and black people as a costume or a fad to define themselves as “out there” and “bohemian”

source for the myth about celtics wearing dreads and also just a lot of good info and history of dreadlocks in general. X

Anonymous: you may see this as hate mail but hey, it's a free country and I'm sharing my opinion. I respected your anti-racist posts and really appreciated the support for POC. But I think some things go too far and this dreads one certainly has. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies and to say they're racist just because they've got dreads is ridiculous. They're embracing different cultures and I think that's the whole point of a multi cultural society.

when did I say they were racist…  there’s been a lot of good discussion if you would care to read more. shit man I even said from the get go that I have a white friend who likes to dread their hair. Yall need to calm down and understand that this is a discussion and PoC are sharing their opinions and feelings on something they feel strongly about and instead of getting defensive and claiming I’m saying things I haven’t even said, yall could actually do some research, or reading or idk, chill out. Like

I created a post where I SPECIFICALLY asked black people and PoC for their opinion on something, and I’ve been getting nothing but white people chiming in lol

Anonymous: So because I'm not attracted to the black girl in my office, which me not being attracted to her has nothing to do with her skin color, that makes me racist as hell?

omg lol yall juust. damn. a simple discussion about dreadlocks and how it can be seen as offensive or inappropriate by PoC and this is what it turns into. And white people wonder why we get a bad rep. Yall don’t wanna even TRY to understand lol. You just wanna get defensive over someone explaining why they find the wearing of their culture and ethnicity as an eccentric style or hippie costume is offensive. 

and no that is not racist. You’re not attracted to her and You said yourself it is not because she is black. so why would that be racist?

Someone saying they are not attracted to PoC, yes, that is racist. Putting all PoC into a box, people with different traits, personalities, physical characteristic, cultures, religions, ect. and claiming, nope not attracted to them non-white people. Yes. That is racist imo.

Anonymous: If poc can relax their hair, why can't white people have dread locks?

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg lol i can’t even

Anonymous: Personally I don't think it is racist for a white person to not be attracted to a POC. People can't control who they are attracted to, that's the first thing we are taught with sexuality. And there is a difference between finding someone attractive and being attracted to them. I have never been attracted to a POC, but I have found them attractive. I guess it's all in perspective.

…sexual orientation, as in what gender you’re attracted to, is not the same as claiming you’re not attracted to PoC, which is, quite literally, racist as hell. It’s not “all in perspective”. lol it’s racist. Point blank. I can’t even. Yall need to go.